Destination Weddings FAQ's

Why do I need a wedding planner?
Your consultant is a valuable asset to you as you plan your event. Planning a large event or wedding is a full time job. Your consultant will not be selecting your menu or making the decisions regarding your event, rather it is the role of the consultant to make suggestions, offer creative ideas and opinions and to guide you in making informed decisions! We will know every detail about your event! You will be able to enjoy the planning process and be confident that your planner will attend to all the details.

Why can’t my Mom, Maid of Honor or a guest handle the details?
The Mother of the Bride is not an easy role on a wedding day ... she has enough obligations, emotions and details of her own to think about…she will not need to worry about every detail of the event on top of that. Let's just let her enjoy being the Mother of the Bride! A friend or one of your Bridesmaids really shouldn't be challenged with the task of coordination either. You asked all of these people to be a special part of your day, your family, guests and friends should be at your wedding for one reason, to witness and celebrate your marriage! Let everyone enjoy themselves on your wedding day and let your planner oversee all the details so you can enjoy yourself, too!

I enjoy planning parties? Can't I just do it myself?
Yes, your sure can … after all it is your wedding or event! Part of the fun of a wedding or important event is the deciding, and that is your job to begin with - we wouldn't take that away. You have been pulling pictures out of bridal magazines since you can remember …we need to put all these ideas to use! If you have the time, you can coordinate the details prior to the event, but you can't coordinate your own event on the day itself! Who will line up your wedding party? Who will calm the groom and get him in place? Who will cue the ceremony music? Who will be responsible to make sure all of your vendors have arrived? Who will pin on boutonnieres and make sure everyone that needs a flower gets one? Who will coordinate all the details regarding the wedding reception? The vegetarian meal for your Aunt Theresa, the sugar free desert for your Uncle Howard, the special seat for Grandma Ruth? Who will take care of any problems if they arise? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone take care of all these little details so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

What will a wedding planner charge?

We charge a fixed Wedding Planning fee. We’ve got the Keys will also require a percentage fee, based upon our more involved Wedding Events. We do have an hourly rate – should you choose to use us simply for your wedding day or as a ‘getting-started’ consultation.

Can I afford to hire a wedding planner?
A professional coordinator will work with you to produce your dream wedding, including the consultants’ fee, all within your budget. In fact, you often save money because a consultant can suggests less expensive alternatives that still enhance your wedding. Coordinators review contracts to make sure you are not overcharged and consultants often can obtain better pricing from our vendors based upon their business relationships.

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How can I tell if a consultant has a good reputation?
Well, in Key West, you just have to ask! This is a small town with a very close-knit business community. You can ask us for references, you can call the Chamber of Commerce, and basically you can just ask the people you encounter in town while you are here for your pre-planning meeting! Florists, Restaurant owners, Charter Boats, Transportation Companies, Musicians, Caterers… We believe our reputation speaks for itself!

Do I need a contract with my consultant?
Yes, you should have an agreement in writing. We will provide you with a formal contract for your signature and this will detail the services we provide.

Why is it important to use a wedding coordinator?
Wedding Coordination is the most important part of your wedding. Weddings are expensive and you will be spending a lot of money. Wouldn't you want some type of insurance on your wedding? Think of a coordinator as your wedding "Insurance" policy. The main reason why we are there on your wedding day is to ensure that everything goes smoothly!

The church or event site has a coordinator, Isn't that enough?
As an event coordinator I work with the site coordinators all the time. These coordinators are usually on site for security reasons, not to make sure that your specific function details are in order! An on-site coordinator usually doesn't know your vendors, your wedding party or group, or the details regarding your day. He or she is basically there to make sure the doors are opened and then locked after the event. Most sites have a site coordinator of some kind. Don't get them confused with event coordination. A site coordinator is basically a banquet captain making sure the tables are set-up correctly and that enough waiters are on staff. This is a very important role…but still not the person that is going to know your event from start to finish and carry out your wishes!

How do I get my Florida Marriage License?
You are responsible for obtaining your marriage license. If you are a Resident of the State of Florida, you may obtain your license in your home town and bring it with you for your Key West Destination Wedding, keeping in mind that the license is valid for 60 days. Once you are in Key West - you can obtain your marriage license at the Monroe County Court House - located in Old Town Key West on Whitehead Street. Be aware of Government Holidays and other times that the Clerk of Courts office may be closed. Plan ahead to avoid any challenges on site.

Both parties must be present and have valid photo identification (drivers license, passport, state or military identification card) You must be at least 18 years old or 16 with parental consent, and both of you must have your social security cards on hand. Proof of alien registration is needed if you are not a US citizen.

No blood tests are required. There is a three-day waiting period for Florida residents, but no waiting period for non-residents or residents who have completed the Premarital Preparation course. (available through your clerk-of-court office -graduates also receive a discount on their license fee.) Follow this link to the Clerk of Courts information page and contact them directly with any questions you may have! Don't leave anything to chance in this department!

If you are interested in speaking with us about your Key West Wedding Event please call us at 305-295-9906 or complete our online wedding planner form.
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