Love is Love!

Just a week ago we all shouted from the rooftops to congratulate every couple who can now ALL be legally wed in Florida!   At last!!

Naturally, we started thinking of some fun and unique ideas for same-sex weddings.  Wedding photography by Paola De Paola © 2013

The rainbow flag has become the easily-recognized colors of pride for the gay community, so only fitting we would incorporate it, with just the right amount of POP!  What do you think of what we found?

We love the idea of adding a touch of rainbow flare to the cake, or how about INSIDE the cake? Thoughts?

32eb0dc10e996ec2abd6c7fedc7c2f0b49888acd61e3515d7d5304bf2c744eeaAnother great way to show of the beautiful palette of the rainbow is through your blooms! Bouquets, centerpieces, and boutineers are a great place for pops of color!!

c587d67d1a7a98d3b4977e4dedeffc7be5ba9d6146d1d2ab12d6529466cea713How precious is this flower girl???

enhanced-11258-1409848867-3You know we love a good send-off – some rainbow confetti??  Yes, please!

enhanced-11613-1410184812-15One more rainbow idea, and then we have some great unique ways to show off your pride at your wedding!

5b584d4869dfe6e353274e3db6e3dff3Loving this Save the Date!  The colors can coordinate with your theme, and the shoes, too, of course!


8f4bef068a2784d75036d883c9181350Cake toppers are a “no brainer” when it comes to adding a custom touch to your sweets…

9fd761c8fb22bd0dde0c138d1523d5f4Here are just a few more fantastic ideas we found from one of our favorite sites, Pinterest!


Choose a seat, not a side. Either way it’s for a bride!




We would love to hear from you, and if you have seen any of these fabulous ideas executed!


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