Enviromentally Friendly Tips for the Eco-Chic Bride

If you (or a bride-to-be you know) are an advocate for helping the environment or simply just aware of the value of doing the right thing for our earth – we have some earthy tips that can be incorporated into the perfect eco-chic wedding…and not to mention, make Mother Nature proud!

Registry… Get a fresh start on your new married life and gear your registry towards minimizing your impact on the planet.  Evaluate what you really need, and want.  If two sets of fine china are just going to be collecting dust…skip them.  Try to remember – If you wont use it, don’t register for it!  Many retailers and specialty stores offer items like, eco-friendly kitchenware, energy-saving small appliances, organic linens, and even non toxic household ware. Most of the time these products are made from reused materials like recycled glass or bamboo.

Bamboo Salad Sets are a popular option

Transportation… Try to plan your ceremony and reception at the same venue, or within proximity of each other.  Another way to minimize travel is having guests carpool.  If you are having a destination wedding in Key West, where the island is merely two by four miles, why not think of renting a trolley or an electric car to shuttle guests to and from?!  Not only does the rental make things easier for the guests, it is a fun and unique way to get them to your celebration while minimizing emissions.

Old Town Trolley

Favors… Many favors get tossed to the side, or even thrown away!  And what can be more wasteful than that?  Trendy weddings these days are putting their favors to a good cause.  Find a local non-profit or environmental organization that has significance to you and your husband-to-be and contribute the dollars of what you would spend on favors.  To double up on green points, find an attractive recycled paper or card stock to let your guests know about your responsible contribution.  If you don’t want your guests leaving empty handed, give the gift of bloom!  Go for a “plant-able” seeded paper (this could be a bookmark, a favor box or even a card built in with your favorite flowers or herbs).

Flowers… Talk to your florist about choosing locally or organically grown blooms for your big day.  You can even minimize on cost creating your centerpieces out of potted blooms, orchids or adding a romantic ambiance with candles.

Dress… After your wedding, give your dress a second life!  There are many resources that will list your dress online and even sell it for you.  Many of the places will donate some of the proceeds to local charities too.  If you can’t bare the thought of parting with your gown and are a little crafty…reuse some of the fabric to add something special to a pillow, purse or picture frame…you could even use it in the future for a fancy baby outfit or christening gown.


Planning an elegant, yet eco-conscience wedding, doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think.  There are many ways to help find your “inner zen.” Maybe your sustainably smart wedding can even inspire a few of your guests and friends to follow in your green footsteps too!

Have you “greened” your wedding?  If so, tell us your eco-chic tips for our green brides?

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