A Presidential Event for Your Own Key West History Books!


Key West has a rich and colorful history, but perhaps the most prestigious character to enjoy the Southernmost Sunshine was the 33rd President of theUnited States, Harry S. Truman. Between 1946 and 1952, President Truman made a dozen trips to his winter home, now dubbed the Truman Little White House. The house became a site for the Cold War response, and has hosted several U.S. Presidents as guests. (Presidential visits.) This historical home can serve as a one-of-a-kind event venue for your next corporate dinner reception!  Dine outside under a canopy of trees and string lights on the lush green lawns surrounding the house. The property can host upwards of 400 people! 

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Adventure “Up The Keys” and Leave the Driving To Us!

Aerial View of the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida USA

Aerial View of the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida USA 

Key West is full of unique sights and placse to unwind but did you know hte 120 mile stretch of the Florida Keys is just as jam-packed with natural wonders and indigenous wildlife found only in our delicate ecosystem? Allow us to introduce you to Kim Stamps, owner and operator of a brand new, one-of-a-kind interactive eco tour Up the Keys!

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Legal Rum & Local Legends


Key West is known for our colorful characters. From Hemingway to the infamous fire chief Joseph “Bum” Farto, the tales over the years have shaped our beloved “Conch Culture.” Key West Legal Rum Distillery, just a block off Duval Street, encompasses the more scandalous side of Key West’s history, and the owner, you could say, is part of the new generation of the Colorful Key West Characters!

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Feeling inspired to write your true love a song today? a poem …. love note …. ok … AT the very Least TEXT someone you love some XOXO’s !  Its February 14th – and we woudl be remiss if we didn’t post a LOVE Note on our Blog Today!

Google’s Gift today to all who are Searching for LOVE or anything for that matter …. made me smile this morning  …enjoy some  Google Love

Love is what ever you make it …. however you show it …a wee little note tucked into a pocket or a lunch box …. a heart in the steam on the bathroom mirror…. or some writing in the SKY  ….to the one you love its really not the ‘SIZE’ that matters on valentines day … its the thought that counts!

whatever the message … and however you send it … its only ‘one’ soul mate that knows how to say it best to ‘their’ other  …

smooches, xoxo’s …hearts … flowers …sign language, home made cookes, a love song,  a fine bottle of wine …roses… or daisy’s …you catch my drift …. could be a ROCK from the beach where you  first met ….or a Diamond from Tiffany’s …. the true Value must be in the giving …and the centiment on Valentine Day!!!

So … we wish you a Kiss To Build a Dream On …Today and every day!   It could be an exciting but nervouse first kiss, a steamy ‘spice things up’ kind of Kiss ….or a Timelless Embrace … just make it perfect and make it your own!

Cheers!  To a Happy Valentines Day!

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