Adventure “Up The Keys” and Leave the Driving To Us!

Aerial View of the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida USA

Aerial View of the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida USA 

Key West is full of unique sights and placse to unwind but did you know hte 120 mile stretch of the Florida Keys is just as jam-packed with natural wonders and indigenous wildlife found only in our delicate ecosystem? Allow us to introduce you to Kim Stamps, owner and operator of a brand new, one-of-a-kind interactive eco tour Up the Keys!

For those who have experienced the hustle-bustle of Duval Street, seen the cats at the Hemingway House and are ready for a new adventure, Stamps’ tour along the Overseas Highway is one you don’t want to miss. Explore the odd landmarks that add to the Florida Keys’ unique history such as the Bat Tower and the Bahia Honda Bridge. Get up close and personal with dozens of wildlife species from crocodiles and dolphins, to the elusive marsh rabbit and the adorable Key Deer.


Tours can be customized to fit your schedule but we highly recommend the full day tour (aprox. 8 hours) including a stop at one of the three main attractions: Dolphin Research Center, The Turtle Hospital or Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.  At the Dolphin Research Center you can enjoy a show from the dolphins and watch a feeding. Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters includes a tour from their resident professional marine biologist and the opportunity to get hands on with manta rays, starfish, horseshoe crabs, octopi and more. At the Turtle Hospital get up close to the recovering and resident turtles while learning about the amazing work the hospital is doing for these creatures. 

During the tour you’ll traverse over 20 bridges and cover a little over 50 miles of the Overseas Highway. The tour also includes a stop for lunch at an authentic Keys Fishery! Private tours are recommended but Up the Keys Eco Tour is great for individuals looking to do something adventurous and informative. 


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