A Presidential Event for Your Own Key West History Books!


Key West has a rich and colorful history, but perhaps the most prestigious character to enjoy the Southernmost Sunshine was the 33rd President of theUnited States, Harry S. Truman. Between 1946 and 1952, President Truman made a dozen trips to his winter home, now dubbed the Truman Little White House. The house became a site for the Cold War response, and has hosted several U.S. Presidents as guests. (Presidential visits.) This historical home can serve as a one-of-a-kind event venue for your next corporate dinner reception!  Dine outside under a canopy of trees and string lights on the lush green lawns surrounding the house. The property can host upwards of 400 people! 


Today, The Truman Little White House is a public, living museum as well as a retreat and place of government business by our nation’s leaders.


Enjoy full services catering fit for a President inside the dining room and cocktails from the President’s bar.

Smaller groups can enjoy this venue as well! Treat your high level executives to an intimate, stately affair around the President’s very own Dining Table!  Sip cocktails served from President Truman’s bar and socialize around the piano, being played by a local musician! Dining at the Little White House is like truly stepping back in time!


After cocktail hour, explore the history of this presidential estate with a guided tour from an expert historian. Even take a seat at President Truman’s desk!


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